Food & Beverage

There is a cafe and a coffee house in our hotel building which serves a variety of foods and drinks.

Ninety One Coffee

Ninety One Coffee X Dessert is a place dedicated to high quality coffee and delicious housemade desserts. We source our beans from some of the best coffee roasters in the world who roast their coffee carefully aiming to bring out the exquisite characteristics in the cup. Each cup is brew with deep respect for both the produce itself and all it's complexities.

Just like our coffee, the desserts made here are source from fresh ingredients, treat with utmost respect to a high level of detail. From our relationships with roasters, to the baristas and chefs who make great stuff, to the beloved customers who enjoy every single moment, we strive to be the best out of respect for every single person.

Unlike any other cafe, it is not a shop and not a factory. It is a place that we hope to find inspiration for ourselves and for customers alike.

We can't wait to share our coffee X dessert stories and continue this journey with you.

Ninety One Gallery

  • Ninety One facade
    Ninety One facade

Tambun Inn Coffee House

Tambun Inn Coffee House Gallery

  • Tambun Inn Hotel Coffee House
    Tambun Inn Hotel Coffee House